9.1. Master-Detail Relationships

Most PostERP tables are in master-detail (i.e., one-to-many) relationships. Their data records must be entered in top-down order. Take the following screen as an example,

Figure 9-1. Top-Down Data Entry

enter records in the following order:

  1. Report#, Used-In Screen, For Dot Matric Printer?

  2. Report Name, Component Report, Report User

  3. Data Sets, Sub Reports

  4. SQL Text, Parameters


When a master record is deleted, its associated detail records are cascadely deleted automatically. Following above example, if a specific report# is deleted, then its assocated Report Name, Component Reports, and Report User are automatically deleted; If a specific Component Reports is deleted, then its "linked" Data Sets and Sub Reports are also deleted.

Before pushing delete record button on tool bar, make sure the cursor focus on any field belonging to the correct target record.