18.2. Setting PostERP Server Connections To PostgreSQL


This section applies only to desktop version of PostERP. It does not apply to cloud version of PostERP.

Please refer to on-line help for field Server Sessions on screen [MzF2].

If value 0 is set in column t2.f4, its associated language is not supported. In this case, do not forget to avoid setting for any end user in t43.f2 to this language#. Otherwise, end users given that language# in t43.f2 will fail to login to PostERP server.

The number of connections from desktop version of PostERP server to PostgreSQL is determined by column t2.f4:

Table 18-1. desktop version of PostERP Server's Connections To PostgreSQL

 Language#Configured Server SessionsActual Connections To PostgreSQL
 1 (Traditional Chinese)13
 1 (Traditional Chinese)26
 3 (English)39
Total Actual Connections  27 + 2 = 29

Comment 1: The actual number of PostgreSQL connections in every detail row is three times the number of Server Sessions. Every other number of connections in the detail row is the same as the figure configured in field Server Sessions.

Comment 2: The actual total number of PostgreSQL connections is the total connections in its detail rows and 2. If PostERP server can not start, please verify parameter max_connections in PostgreSQL configuration file postgresql.conf.


Changes of these settings become effective only after PostERP server is restarted.