Chapter 11. Cloud Information Systems Database Backup Strategy


This chapter is to be referenced by PostERP cloud services customers.

The PostERP cloud server retains only one copy of the most up-to-date database. If this database has no backup and unluckly crashes, then there will be no way of restoring the database meaning that this most valuable enterprise database is permantly lost.

Tera Rows PostERP cloud platform provides free backup services to our customers by placing database backups to third-party storage providers. Our backup strategy is described as follows:

Table 11-1. Database Backup Strategy

Backup FrequencyNumber Of Retained Copies
daily backup: Backup is performed every day from Monday to Friday.5 copies
monthly backup: Backup is performed every month on fixed day of month, 1 ~ 28.3 copies (3 months)

You are expected to specify the following backup parameters at Tera Rows official web site. (Assume the workload of your server is lightest between UTC 01:00 and 06:00 every day and the 3rd day of each month)

Above settings determines the following backup mechanism:


If the dates of daily and monthly backups clash, only monthly backup is performed.