Chapter 9. Data Entry Rules

Table of Contents
9.1. Master-Detail Relationships
9.2. fundamental data
9.3. transaction data

Having installed and launched PostgreSQL (the three-tier architecture users also having launched application server and connected thin client to application server), you are now ready to start entering data into the brand new PostERP.


Data on all screens belong only to the active company you are working on except for those screens whose "on-line screen help" indicate that they contain global data meaning that they are shared by all companies within your enterprise group.

If messages like "...constraint..." appears when you are updating or deleting records, it means you are attempting improper data manipulation. An example is you are trying to delete a specific account# which is currently used by a journal record.

The unit of measure for an item is implicit the "Finest Unit Of measure (set on screen [M3F2])" if it is not specified.

The currency associated with amount is implicit the "Book Currency" (set on screen [E0F2]) if not specified.


The freshly installed PostERP bundles some sample fundamental data (such as: financial Accounts, Controlled Accounts, and Items) and sample transactions (such as: initial Journal, Sales Orders, and Sales). After you have got the idea of the usages of PostERP, delete those unused sample records.

Follow the rules of data entry order: