Chapter 13. Installation Guide

Table of Contents
13.1. Installing PostgreSQL
13.1.1. Installing PostgreSQL In Windows Host
13.1.2. Installing PostgreSQL using Debian or Ubuntu
13.1.3. Configuring PostgreSQL
13.1.4. Verify PostgreSQL Accepting Connection Requests
13.2. Creating PostERP Database
13.3. Installing And Testing PostERP Server Program
13.3.1. Installing PostERP Server Program
13.3.2. Testing PostERP Server Program
13.3.3. Simplify Starting PostERP Procedure
13.4. Installing PostERP Thin Client Programs

This chapter explains the installation procedure for PostERP. Precisely speaking, PostERP does not require installation. Instead, all the steps the administrators need to follow are:

  1. installalling database management system, PostgreSQL.

  2. restoring the database backup of PostERP to PostgreSQL.

Refer to Chapter 12 for hardware and software specifications required by PostERP.