16.4. Information System Portal Page

We assume in this section that you have registered at Manage Information Systems an application system with "application code" 5.

Partner developers are highly encouraged to also maintain GitLab contents similar to this and this for at least the following reasons:

The more up to date your uploaded files are, your customers' rights are better protected.

16.4.1. Upload Database Backup

Please follow these steps to upload the database backup:

  1. Reset license information in stable database.

    Go to Manage Information Systems to set as the trial license information in database app5 if you have never done this on this database before. This action enables desktop version of PostERP server to connect with the database restored from the backup file of database app5, and to run for users' evaluation for a certain period of time. This action also reset the passwords t43.f4 of "special accounts" Section 15.2 to NULL. PostERP server of desktop version unconditionally accepts clients' login when t43.f4 is NULL.

  2. Dump the stable database of your application:

    pg_dump -h -U dba -Fc -f /tmp/posterp5.db app5

    Please replace above with your development server's IP address displayed on Manage Information Systems.

  3. Upload database backup file /tmp/posterp5.db to your GIT project https://gitlab.com/terarows/app5.